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The entire process from the time you submit the order to when we begin writing can be accomplished within the first 8 hours after we receive your order.

It's possible that we can begin working on your assignment in less than 10 minutes IF you time your order to fall within our normal working hours and IF you make a downpayment upon placing the order
. Please consult our FAQ page for our working hours.
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Your personal information are confidential and will never be released for any other purposes. Our authorized retailer, AlertPay and DalPay is handling your credit card details and we don't have those information ourselves.

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3 Days - $5 per page (minimum order of 3 pages)
(If delivery date is 3 DAYS OR MORE from today)

2 Days - $7 per page (minimum order of 2 pages)
(If delivery date is EXACTLY 2 days (48 hours) from today)

1 Day - $9 per page (minimum order of 2 pages)
(If delivery date is in 1 day (24 hours) from today)

3 and 2 day delivery customers are reminded to check your email often. We start editing your document as soon as we receive a downpayment but we need you to settle your Final Billing before we can deliver the edited paper. Your order delivery will be delayed if you fail to promptly settle your final billing statement.
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If you have important instructions or special requests not covered by the questions above, then you MUST specifythose here. You may also Fax your additional materials to (480) 247-5019 (United States) --Be sure to include your NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS on the fax cover sheet.

Payment Options  

Strictly NO REFUNDS once editing has started. Please understand that you are paying for quality writing service. Any service rendered cannot be returned. We CANNOT give refunds.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE that you will get a grade that you need or want. You are purchasing our expertise and time for doing proofreading, citation correction, and content suggestion.
I will pay in full now. (You will get a full refund if your topic gets declined. Check your email frequently.)
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I will pay a minimum deposit now. I will settle any remaining balance before delivery. (Deposits: $15 (3 day delivery), $14 (2 day delivery), $18 (1 day delivery).
(Highly Recommended - No Delays)

Bill me after you approve my order. (check your email often to prevent delays)

I am just inquiring. (we will contact you upon approval of your topic and provide payment instructions)

If you are in a hurry, we recommend selecting full payment (or at least make a deposit) to speed up processing of your order. Otherwise, we will have to go through the process of evaluation, billing, and then waiting for you to pay the bill before we can start working. This takes time (sometimes a full day) specially if you don't check your email often. Bear in mind that we can only start helping you when we have received either full payment or a down payment.

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